Decades of theatrical production design, now available for film and video.

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With 30+ years of theatrical experience, I help projects win awards and I help my clients win awards. Leading teams, I turn visions into reality. There is no “I” in team, but there is “me”.

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With a deep experience pool and a wide skill-set, my abilities include varied aspects of production design from pre-production to post-production. I fill in gaps with speciality skills. I lead by example.

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From the beginning I was destined for this.

I owe everything I am as an artist to graphic novels and genre films from the 70s and 80s. I learned how to read because of Warren Comics. As an artist, my classroom was my local video rental storefront. I was an incorrigible hell-raiser as a child, but back then they called it “gifted and talented”.

Through the years I have been driven by the challenge of self-expression. Never settling on any one specific area of development, I became a multi-talented creative. I’ve turned into a walking media development lab. I challenge the process to seek improvement.

Now I live in Atlanta, where I have used my years of experience working for Haunt Attractions and theatre to transition into film and video. I am detailed, tenacious, and a delight to work with.


Century Media
Nuclear Blast Records
M-Theory Audio
Seek & Strike
Mascot Label Group
Rise Records
Digital Thunderdome Studios


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